African American Woman

This time I chose to draw an African American, which I had been hard pressed about by my sister, Ava. She wanted me to stretch myself, and as a result this was what I created. In addition, I tried some other unique styles that was very different from what I had done before.

I Drew a Cactus!

Today I tried something different and drew a cactus, which I have never done before. I also tried a different way of shading and highlighting, and specifically, for the shadows, I completely did them in black, and then turned down the opacity so it still showed up underneath. I did the same thing for the highlights, although using white, and it ended up being a lot of fun!

My Google Doodle Entry

There is a Google Doodle contest with a prize of $30,000┬áto college scholarship, and a $50,000 technology package for their school or non-profit organization. I knew that the chances would be slim to none, but I thought that it would still be fun to try. This year’s theme is on “inner strength,” and I tried to show that through this drawing. I also added, “God made me in his own image,” on a sticky note, and I probably won’t win for that, but as Mr. Miyagi says, “Principle before passion.”

Schoolwork for Science Class!

For my science class, I had to create a poster about photosynthesis. I used Procreate, and wanted to show that you don’t only have to use it for drawing pictures. You can type with different fonts, color in titles, and so much more! My mom is a teacher, and suggested that I should try to do it on Procreate, because she knew that I would enjoy the project more.